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April 18, 2013 Board meeting

I'm right in thinking we're meeting on the Third Thursday at Three (Central)?

Music at your co-op : P

Let's just get this one out of the way and dealt with, so we don't have to talk about it any more..... We play reggae almost all of the time, except for brief periods of Grateful Dead jam sessions. On Sundays, we restrict the music played to just Chinese opera, and so far, it has successfully kept our business down to a bare minimum of die-hard aficionados... During any holiday, we play nothing but traditional holiday music.

Social media: boon or bane?

Hi all. The Marketing and Membership group has had a hunger for Jen at New Pi's Guidelines for Social Media. This amused Jen a little, because the document predates Pinterest and 4Square. I know that there are some co-op users of Pinterest out there, but I'm not one. Read more »

Welcome to the test group!

Hi everyone, thanks for being game to test this group!

I've left a sample discussion based on a listserve query so you can see what a discussion thread looks like (comments, uploaded documents, replies).

There are some training videos in the Help section about discussion groups if you need any assistance.

To start a discussion, go to the right menu and click "Add Discussion."

Let us know if you have any trouble or if something isn't working. Thanks!


Beer & Wine License Test Discussion

Here is a sample discussion culled from the listserves:

Hi, we've applied for our beer & wine license and our grocery manager is starting to plan our section. I am writing to request information to help him with that. If you're willing, please share:

• number of retail linear feet of beer & wine you stock
• total retail square feet and retail linear feet
• your beer and wine buyer's contact info



Hello, cooperators!

Welcome to the CGN Public Discussion Group (formerly the CGIN basic listserve). Use the menu on the right to create discussions, view group members and read the terms of use.

As an added function, group members can attach photos and documents to a discussion or comment. Eventually, as resources are culled and curated, they will reside in the Group Resources area in the menu and also be uploaded to the Library.  

Please use good etiquette and report any inappropriate behavior to [email protected]. Read more »

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