September 2013

September, Thurs. 9/19 Board Call

Practice, practice!  

Please use this to ask questions or make comments before the meeting.

Attached is your Meeting Packet for our online meeting Thursday, Sept. 19, 3pm Central  

Materials can also be found in our CGN Dropbox file under CGIN Board Meetings: 2013-09 Brd Mtg.  I think you have all successfully joined. If not, let's get that taken care of this week. Let me know if you need another invite thingy.


Dropbox replacing Backpack

Hi gang,

I've canceled our Backpack subscription and have set up Dropbox as a repository for our shared files.  It is super easy and cheap (free for the size account you need to use for CGN).  It also integrates well with my files.

Future development will support a working resource library for our Directors Group.

Remember our board call coming up on Thurs, Sept 19 at 3:00 central. Kind of missed you all and looking forward to sharing lots of updates.