Kudos on shiny, new CGN!

I just wanted to give y'all a shout out for the new discussion groups, and shining example of cooperation in the 21st century of technology!

The magazine, website, and discussion groups are all exceeding my expectations in the best possible ways, and it's really awesome to see the actualization of ideas we had years ago, sitting around in a CGIN board meeting just prior to CCMA dreaming the future. Well the future is now! and I'm really happy that CGN is leading the way!


Multi-purpose copier

Does anyone have a multipurpose copier/fax/scan/etc. that you have had good luck with?  We are looking to replace one of our Ricoh Aficio MP C4500's with a new copier, and we've had a lot of issues with this brand/model so I am hesistant to replace them with another of the same brand.  Granted the one we are replacing is from 2007-ish, so it's pretty old in the copier world...

Thanks for any input!

Distributing Annual Reports

Hi all,

We've just publised our first Annual Report (hooray!) and want it to get in the hands of all our owners. How are folks out there doing it? We're sending a digital copy to our owners via email and making it available on the website, but as for print I'm not sure of the best course of action. Mass mailing? Copies in store? Both? Collective wisdom welcome.

Traveler's Checks

I was wondering how different co-ops handle traveler's checks. Specifically:

Do you accept them?

And if so, how do you tender them? As checks? As cash? Do you offer change?

Do you take any steps to ensure that a traveler's check is valid? This wikipedia entry suggests calling the issuer to verify the check before accepting receipt. That seems like a pain, but it also seems wise. Read more »

case discounts on sale items?

Howdy cooperative peeps!

I know that many of y'all offer case discounts on pre-orders of whole cases of product, or full bags of bulk items. Do you offer the same discount on cases of sale items (Co+op Deals?)

Inquiring minds want to know...

Grievance Procedure (for staff, that has worked for you)

Hi folks. This is a durable question, because we all need them. Further, I believe there are a few different directions that can be taken, and will work in different situations.

If you have one that you feel has worked well at your co-op, can you please point me to it with a URL, or post it as an attachment, or remind me where it is in the CGN library? Thank you!

Happy New Year and Farewell to my Fellow Cooperators

My last day at the Wedge Co-op approaches, and today is NY Eve - those two facts colliding have my wee brain spinning.

This group has been a vital source of support, humor, wisdom, ideas and plain old fun since someone had the sense to start the MandM list, years ago. For over thirty years I've had the unimaginable privilege of working with people who prove, every day, that "good business" in not an oxymoron and that trade based on mutual respect and a service ethic can revive communities. Read more »

Howard Bowers Day grants - applications due January 24

Grants available for training for new and about-to-open food co-ops! 

The Hoardowers Fund of the Cooperative Development Foundation is pleased to announce that grants will be available for education and training for board, staff, and management of food co-ops that are new (opened in 2013) or close to opening (will open in 2014).  The deadline for applications is January 24, 2014 and grants will be announced in late February. 

Grants available:  To be determined - probably several for a maximum of $1,000 Read more »

Demo Programs

Hi all! I recently came on board at the Moscow Food Co-op and we are in the process of revamping our demo program. I was hoping you could share success stories and words of wisdom that may help guide me as we start the new year! Read more »

Customer web splash page content?

Hello All,

We are changing our customer web acess and adding a login and splash page.  I am looking for examples of the splash page content (e.g. download only from trusted sources, no porn, ...).  If you use a splash page and are willing to share the verbage, please post a comment or email me directly ([email protected]).

Thank you for your help!