Expansion, how much can a co-op handle?

We are interested in any data regarding co-ops that have made large expansions and for those who were successful, what were the factors that made that work and for any who found that they expanded too much, what data or information might have helped you make a better decision? 

Sampling Program

I am working on revamping the sampling program in our stores. I am curious how other co-ops structure sampling. Who sets up, maintains and plans samples in your stores? Is there one perosn in charge of sampling? A team? Do your departments handle their own sampling independent of one another or coordinate efforts? Read more »

Natural Foods Training

We're in the process of revamping our staff training and we'd like to introduce a natural foods training.  The only thing coming to mind at the moment is giving staff a glossary of terms and a test related to it.  What do other Co-ops do for natural foods training?  Is it a self-learning opportunity?  Is it interactive?  Have you instituted a training program that didn't work out?  I'd love to hear it all.



CCMA awards nomination deadline is April 18!

The 2014 Howard Bowers Fund Awards for Cooperative Excellence

will recognize outstanding achievement in the food co-op sector. 

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Free Box

I'm posting on behalf of our Prepared Foods Category Manager, Josh Perkins... ************* Hi there,

Free Box

I'm posting on behalf of our Prepared Foods Category Manager, Josh Perkins... ************* Hi there,

Working with a pricing strategy that removes "discountablity" from specific items

We are working to implement a pricing strategy. Under the advice of the NCGA some of our commodity type items will take a drastic price cut. BUT, they will no longer be eligible for discounts... Do any of you have experience with communicating and faclitating this type of a transition? I would love to pick your brain.

Minnesota Public Radio 03/26/14: What makes co-op grocers thrive in Twin Cites?

Check out Minnesota Public Radio's The Daily Circuit show around 11:00 AM Wednesday, 3/26/14. 

Kevin Edberg of Cooperative Development Services (the original) and Josh Resnik -  GM of The Wedge will be talking Twin Cities food co-ops.


From MPR News: Read more »

Eliminating GMOs

Hello All,

  Our managers have been asked the question about possibly eliminating GMOs from our shelves.  We are on the fence about this and have many questions: 


How do you regulate NON GMO and GMO products in your store? Read more »

Co-op Group in UK, and comments on their problems

The debts and governance of the Co-op Group in the UK are in the news.