Hall of Fame Honors Co-op Leaders

Recently held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the 2015 induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame honored four outstanding leaders whose careers have made huge contributions to cooperatives domestically and internationally:  Ann Hoyt, Dan Kelly, William Nelson, and Judy Ziewacz.  For biographies and career summaries along with images of the inductees, see http://www.heroes.coop.  The Cooperative Hall of Fame is sponsored by leading U.S. Read more »

Questions Remain on Proposed Organic Check-off

The Organic Trade Association and its GRO Organic Core Committee have formally petitioned the USDA for a research and promotion check-off for organic.  Find OTA’s report at https://ota.com/what-ota-does/organic-check.  Find a description of the GRO Organic Core Committee at http://groorganic.net/core-committee-2/.  Although the proposal is the result of three years of discussion and debate, many farmers and organic advocates continue to oppose the organic chec Read more »

The Cooperative Model and the Sea

Are not the oceans part of the commons? Survival of both fishes and humans is at stake in managing the harvest from the sea, and cooperatives can support that end. Here is a discussion of some of the issues and of how a new model of Community Supported Fishery can contribute to sustainable practices: http://www.cdi.coop/coops-ocean-fishery/. Read more »

More Co-ops Up and Running!

A nationwide wave of new food co-ops continues, supported by Food Co-op Initiative, National Co-op Grocers, CDS Consulting Co-op, and other allies and given focus by the annual Up & Coming, Up & Running conference.  Here's a link to a video aimed at inspiring startup food co-op groups, titled "You Can Do It!" -- it was shown at the recent conference and housed on the Food Co-op Initiative website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msOla0W1z1s  Also shared at that gathering was a beautiful video produced Read more »

Sustainable Food Trade Association Improves Food Chain Practices

The Sustainable Food Trade Association (http://www.sustainablefoodtrade.org) continues its work to advance sustainability and transparency in the organic food industry.  At its February 2015 annual meeting the Association elected two new members to its board of directors, which now includes representatives from three cooperatives:  PCC Natural Markets, Organic Valley, and Chico Natural Foods Co-op.  See the Sustainable Trade Association's annual report and infographic at the website link.  The Association executive di Read more »

Ann Hoyt to Enter 2015 Co-op Hall of Fame

Sponsor contributions encouraged.

This spring, food co-ops are urged to honor one of their outstanding trainers and leaders, Ann Hoyt, while supporting co-op development through the Cooperative Hall of Fame.  The Hall honors decades of contributions by past and current outstanding leaders, and at the same time it generates support for future co-op development.  Each year a handful of the cooperative movement’s many leaders are nominated by past honorees and then sponsored for induction by many co-ops that choose to contribute in the inductee’s name toward future co-op development. Read more »

Central Co-op Offers $15+ Starting Wage

In Seattle, Washington, Central Co-op is ahead of the curve in implementing the city's new minimum wage of $15, seven years in advane of the mandated schedule.  This may well be the highest grocery industry starting wage in the country.  Here's a link to a local report: http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2015/01/22/central-central-co-op-grocery-store-raises-entry-level-wage-to-15-per-hour-seven-years- Read more »

New Principle Six Video

A new, short video has just been released that explains the P6 or Principle Six movement, which takes its name from the 6th cooperative principle of "cooperation among cooperatives."  Find it at www.p6.coop/video Read more »

Identifying Cooperative Allies

How to build a broader movement for social change. How to evaluate the cooperative alignment and potential of allies such as nonprofits, land trusts, and advocacy groups? "Grassroots Economic Organizing" or Geo offers thoughtful reports and analysis of the spectrum of cooperatives and cooperative allies, primarily in eastern U.S. Read more »

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