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Strong Results, Debatable Future: 2001 Retail Operations Survey
by Walden Swanson


07 Jan 2004 #101 July - August - 2002
Strong Results, Debatable Future: 2001 Retail Operations Survey
by Dave Gutknecht


07 Jan 2004 #101 July - August - 2002
Strong Performance But Can We Sustain It? (Retail Operations Survey)
by Data Analysis Team

Strong Performance But Can We Sustain It? (pdf 262kb)

(includes charts, data and methodology not found on this web page version)


05 Apr 2010 #125 July - August - 2006
Streamlined System Multiplies Members, Member Investment and Community Contributions
by Karen Jeffries

Two years ago, North Coast Co-op, operating two stores in Arcata and Eureka (California), streamlined its membership program. At the time, no one dreamed that this change would...

08 Jan 2004 #082 May - June - 1999
Strategic Leadership Is a Cooperative Effort
by Art Sherwood

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.

—Joel Barker, The Futurist

If I went into your co-...

29 May 2014 172 May-June 2014
Stormy Weather in California
by Dave Gutknecht

The past year has been a difficult one for Associated Cooperatives Inc. (ACI), the wholesale in Richmond, California, and for some of its member retail co-ops.

09 Jan 2004 #004 April - May - 1986
Store Security: Shoplifting Prevention and Internal Theft
by Karen Brown Shoplifting at the co-op! That just doesn't make sense. Why would anyone want to steal from this place? It's like stealing from yourself!

That's the kind of reaction I often encounter when...

09 Jan 2004 #025 November - December - 1989
Store Security
by Phil Ricord

A previous article dealt with the threat to store security once the threat was in the door (Cooperative Grocer #12-13, Aug-Nov. 1987). Unfortunately, shoplifting and employee or vendor theft are...

09 Jan 2004 #015 February - March - 1988
Store Audits Reveal Benefits of Peer Review
by Anya Firszt

In some circles the word “audit” is considered a four-letter word—tax, financial, and operational audits are things to be feared and avoided. But since the early 1990s, co-ops in the Midwest—now a...

20 Jan 2009 #123 March - April - 2006
Still Drinking Policy Governance Lite
by Heather Schmidt AlbingerDownload a complete pdf version of this article.

Several years ago, the Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative board of directors implemented changes to its use of the Policy Governance model. The...

19 Jan 2009 #137 July - August - 2008
Sticker Shock and Accurate Rings
by Mark Mulcahy

I was standing in a produce department the other day stickering what seemed like thousands of tomatoes with little green stickers. A customer walked up and said, “Why do you do that? I hate...

19 Jan 2009 #133 November - December - 2007
Steps to Sustainability: It Takes Vision
by Annie Hoy

The founders of Ashland Food Co-op (AFC) in 1972 were guided by the ethics of a budding environmental movement. The impulse to operate a not-for-profit business in ways that honor and nurture...

04 Jun 2010 #148 May - June - 2010
Steps to Effective Store Design
by P.J. Hoffman

Download a pdf of this article

Is your co-op planning to expand, relocate or open a new store? The ideas outlined here are meant to make the process easier and more rewarding. I write from...

02 Jul 2009 #143 July - August - 2009
Steps to a Solidarity Economy
by Elizabeth Henderson

Cooperation among cooperatives is a basic principle of the co-op movement. In Kansas, New York, and Massachusetts, food co-ops are applying this concept in a creative way: providing deep and solid...

28 Aug 2011 #155 July - August - 2011
Step by Step, Creating a Cooperative Economy
by Adam Schwartz

From my vantage point, too many dollars flow out of cooperatively owned businesses into investor-held businesses, either in the form of purchases or investments.

Is your cooperative...

17 Mar 2011 #153 March - April - 2011
Staying Open
by Doug Walter

download pdf of article

Shutting your doors on customers and members doesn’t sound like a great idea. But staying open while swapping out all your shelves and most of your cases...

20 May 2009 #142 May - June - 2009
Staying Healthy in an Unhealthy Economy
by Mel Braverman

download pdf of article

20 May 2009 #142 May - June - 2009
Startup Technology Choices
by Jake Schlachter

Been called by a new food co-op for advice recently? The number of startup food cooperatives is swelling, and with it, the ranks of cooperative advisors.

09 Apr 2012 #159 March - April - 2012
Startup Co-op Conference Shares Resources
by George Huntington

Indiana Cooperative Development Center (ICDC), a nonprofit agency supported by funding from the USDA, and Bloomingfoods Market and Deli recently partnered to host “Up and Coming, Up and Running...

04 Jun 2010 #148 May - June - 2010
Startup Co-op Conference Shares Resources
by Debbie Trocha

Indiana Cooperative Development Center (ICDC), a nonprofit agency supported by funding from the USDA, and Bloomingfoods Market and Deli recently partnered to host “Up and Coming, Up and Running...

04 Jun 2010 #148 May - June - 2010
Stalking the Organic Asparagus
by Cissy Bowman

Springtime is upon us, and with it comes fresh, organic produce from an increasing number of local growers. It is a benefit to these growers as well as to retailers and consumers for this...

07 Jan 2004 #100 May - June - 2002
Stakeholders and Solidarity
by Dave Gutknecht

Food co-ops have thrived as consumer cooperatives, owned by the people who patronize them, and they have learned to give emphasis to the ownership part of that structure. In prior decades, there...

09 Dec 2013 169 Nov-Dec 2013
Staff Teams Build Effective Solutions
by Terry Appleby

Introducing forms of participation to a traditional management hierarchy was the goal; a quality improvement process was the method. The history of Hanover Consumer Co-op and my...

08 Jan 2004 #080 January - February - 1999
Staff Education Prevents A Generation Gap
by John Corbett

A key Rochdale cooperative principle is continuing education about cooperatives. It is ironic that co-ops often forget to apply this principle to their own employees.

There are many...

09 Jan 2004 #049 November - December - 1993
St. Peter Food Co-op Chooses Flexibility in Reincorporation
by Stuart Reid

St. Peter Food Co-op in Minnesota ­reincorporated under Minn. 308b ­statutes, one of the first state limited cooperative associations (LCA) options, in 2007. They decided to make the change in...

08 Dec 2010 #151 November - December 2010