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2000 Retail Operations Survey: Statistical Summary
by Walden SwansonCooperative Grocer 2000 Retail Operations SurveyStatistical Summary of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and RatiosSMALL Sales <$1 MillionMEDIUM SMALL Sales $1-2 MillionMEDIUM Sales $2-4 Million...
31 May 2006 #095 July - August - 2001
2000 Retail Operations Survey
by Walden Swanson 


08 Jan 2004 #095 July - August - 2001
2000 Retail Operations Survey
by Peg Nolan 


08 Jan 2004 #095 July - August - 2001
2000 Retail Operations Survey
by Dave Gutknecht 


08 Jan 2004 #095 July - August - 2001
14 Carrots: New London Co-op
by Sage Scott

New London, New Hampshire: After 18 years as a privately owned natural foods store, 14 Carrots became a member-owned cooperative on August 1. Says general manager Rick Libbey, "Our mission...

07 Jan 2004 #103 November - December - 2002
$3 Billion in Sales by 2020 — What Does It Take?
by C.E. Pugh

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The 109 member co-ops of the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) currently generate annual sales of $1 billion. NCGA believes that growing the sector’s...

27 Dec 2008 #138 September - October - 2008
"Your flag decal won't get you into heaven anymore."
by Dave Gutknecht

Better co-op stores and stronger regional and national co-op associations are gratifying results based on years of groundwork. Each year the reports of the Cooperative Grocers Associations and...

07 Jan 2004 #099 March - April - 2002
"We Need You to Be Successful"
by Michael Funk

UNFI has the financial strength and buying power to serve all channels of this industry and to compete with the conventional wholesalers who will try and get into this business. Because the core...

07 Jan 2004 #107 July - August - 2003
"We Live In A Political World"
by Dave Gutknecht

For many of us, pursuing careers in cooperatives is a means of applying, through the institutions we build by our daily work, principles that evoke a world of social justice. Perhaps -- in the...

09 Jan 2004 #033 March - April - 1991
"The Cooperative Turn"
by Dave Gutknecht

A new article, subtitled "Building the right kind of autonomy," provides an excellent overview of what cooperatives can offer a world that is in economic crisis. "The Cooperative Turn," written...

04 Aug 2012 • Endcap Articles
"Seed Giants vs. U.S. Farmers" Published

In mid-February a major new study was released by the Center for Food Safety and Save Our Seeds.  Available for free download at, the 50-page document,...

16 Feb 2013 • Endcap Articles
"Reasonable Accommodations" Under the ADA
by Ricky Berger

The Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA") prohibits discrimination in the workplace based on disabilities (physical or mental). The employer has a duty, in fact, to provide its employees and...

07 Jan 2004 #100 May - June - 2002
"Operating at Cost" -- or Democratic Control?
by Dave Gutknecht

Take note of the recently announced campaign by the National Cooperative Business Association, promoting co-ops as "not for profit" and "operating at cost." In the Cooperative...

20 Mar 2005 #072 September - October - 1997
"Food for Change" Documentary Nears Completion

A new feature film on co-op history and today’s food co-ops is nearing completion.  With some 35 co-ops already contributing support for production of “Food for Change” and...

23 May 2013 • Endcap Articles
"Flexible or Flawed" Co-op Laws
by StaffRick Stewart: "Pigs are authorized to wear lipstick"

To the editor:After leaving Frontier Natural Products Co-op in 1999, I enjoyed distracting myself with various non-co-op activities such as...

01 Feb 2011 #152 January - February - 2011
"Drift": GMO Thriller by Co-op Author

Set against the backdrop of turmoil in America’s food system, Drift, a thriller about GMOs (genetically modified organisms), has been written by Jon McGoran, a longtime Weavers Way Co-op...

26 Aug 2013 • Endcap Articles
"Consumer Groups Get It Wrong" -- Plus a new food safety report
by Dave Gutknecht

Adding to the earlier version of this story: National Sustainable Agriculture Committee has released a new report on food safety: “A Sustainable Agriculture Perspective on Food Safety.”


25 Oct 2010 • Endcap Articles
"Can Union Cooperatives Save Democracy?"

An excellent and lengthy essay, Can Union Cooperatives Save Democracy? has just been posted by John Clay at his Democratic Promise website. Clay covers many issues around formation of...

12 Jul 2013 • Endcap Articles