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Supporting Small Farms, Teaching Organic Agriculture
by Heather Weightman

Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Co-op began its partnerships with small organic farms in 1998 when it sponsored a farmer to attend The Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems at the...

25 Apr 2011 #154 May - June - 2011
Supporting the Bowers Fund and Co-op Emergency Fund
by Ellen Quinn

Thanks to food co-ops for your support of the Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) Howard Bowers Fund in 2010!  Education and training are essential for thriving co-ops, and the Bowers...

17 Mar 2011 #153 March - April - 2011
Survey Highlights Gaps in Manager Compensation
by Dave Gutknecht

This edition’s report on general manager compensation provides some striking data highlighting food cooperative practices. A few survey questions for co-op managers provoked a broad range of...

20 Jan 2009 #124 May - June - 2006
Survey of Co-op Potential in "Yes" Magazine

"A Cooperative Economy" is the theme of "Yes!" magazine's spring 2013 issue: -- covering such examples as worker ownership, food co-ops and...

11 Feb 2013 • Endcap Articles
Surveying Members on Membership
by John Corbett

Increasing numbers of co-ops conduct an annual survey of members or of shoppers in the store. Often these surveys are directed at evaluating the core business operation: How far do...

09 Jan 2004 #067 November - December - 1996
Survival Issues
by Dave Gutknecht

As this issue of Cooperative Grocer was being prepared for the printer, word arrived of the closing of Starflower Natural Foods & Botanicals in Eugene, Oregon. Their services will be missed...

09 Jan 2004 #008 December - January - 1987
Sustainability Context- Economy within Society within Ecology
by Russ Christianson

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Ecology-from the Greek oikos or house. The natural world that humans share with all creatures.

Human Society – from the Latin socius or companion. The...

19 Jan 2009 #140 January - February - 2009
Sustainability Report Highlights Organics, Co-ops

Efforts to reduce waste and energy consumption in the supply chain are detailed in a new report from the Sustainable Food Trade Association  64 SFTA...

01 May 2014 • Endcap Articles
Sustainable Ag Programs Under Attack
by Kathy Lawrence

If the House of Representatives has its way, some of the sustainable agriculture movement's biggest wins in the 2002 Farm Bill will disappear for at least a year and maybe longer.

07 Jan 2004 #108 September - October - 2003
Sustainable Agriculture: Farm Bill Fractures
by Kathy LawrenceSustainable Agriculture: Farm Bill Fractures
07 Jan 2004 #105 March - April - 2003
Sustainable Business Models for “Organic and Beyond”
by Kelly Smith

This article contains charts available only as pdf. Download pdf of article here.

What if we could predict what the future would likely hold? What would we do today to manage potential risks...

20 Jan 2009 #130 May - June - 2007
Sustainable Food Trade Association Improves Food Chain Practices

The Sustainable Food Trade Association ( continues its work to advance sustainability and transparency in the organic food industry.  At its February 2015...

01 Apr 2015 • Endcap Articles
Sustainable Practices in the Food Chain

The Sustainable Food Trade Association ( continues its work to advance sustainability and transparency in the organic food industry, and several leading food co...

27 May 2015 • Endcap Articles
Sustainable Seafood and the Tsunami
by Niaz Dorry

Seafood has become a hot topic on many cooperatives’ agendas as stores struggle to determine what kind of fish is “green” or caught “sustainably” enough to sell. Some, like the Weaver Street...

21 Jan 2009 #117 March - April - 2005
Swarthmore Co-op Gets a New Store
by Jack Cavanaugh

The Swarthmore Co-op started in a garage in 1937, founded by local residents in search of less expensive and fresher food. The membership fee was $5, which remained in effect until December 2002....

21 Jan 2009 #116 January - February - 2005
Symbolic Gardens, New Faces
by Mark Kastel

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The state of the (organic) nation is not good—especially for dairy farmers. That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since the entire economy is hurting...

02 Jul 2009 #143 July - August - 2009
Take it From Here: Cool Marketing Implements for 2010
by Ellen Michel

These tips, tools, sites and strategies were all shared at this year’s Marketing Matters. NCGA members may log in to the NCGA website for details. Take it from here to help your co-op make more of...

15 Oct 2010 #149 July - August - 2010*
Taking a Hard Look at 'The Co-op Difference'
by Ruffin Slater

When a competing natural foods store comes to town, it forces a co-op to sit up and take notice. In 1981, when Wellspring Grocery opened four blocks from the Food Co-op in Durham, North Carolina,...

09 Jan 2004 #006 August - September - 1986
Taking Care of Board Fundamentals
by Joel Kopischke

As cooperative boards strive for heavenly results, they need to be sure the devil is not in the details. When boards of directors consider their duties—ensuring organizational accountability...

20 Feb 2013 #164 Jan-Feb 2013
Taking Food Safety to the Source
by Rosemary Fifield

As businesses providing ready-to-eat foods, co-ops should be taking precautions to ensure that we are not contributing to the statistics on food-borne illness. With an estimated 1.5 million people...

24 Feb 2005 #116 January - February - 2005
Taking Policy Governance to Heart
by Mark Goehring

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26 Apr 2009 #141 March - April - 2009
Taking Stock of Your Customer Service Level
by Dale Bramhall

In these times of tough competition, your store depends on repeat customers for survival. Giving great service not only keeps present customers but will create new customers as well. Many...

09 Jan 2004 #014 December - January - 1988
Talent Planning for Successful Performance
by Lauren Olsen

The saying “the only constant is change” is as true in co-ops as it is elsewhere. One of the best ways to deal with change is to plan for it. Most co-ops have a business plan, a...

06 Feb 2014 #170 January - February 2014
Tallahassee’s New Leaf Market Flourishes in Expanded Store
by Cristin Burns

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New Leaf Market spent five years searching for an expansion opportunity. Three promising projects fell apart in the feasibility stage. Just when the...

02 Jul 2009 #143 July - August - 2009
Task Force Eyes Cooperative Equity Fund
by Margaret Lund

Too many times, we have watched co-op borrowers valiantly launch expansion projects, only to struggle with the load of debt required to finance the quality of store demanded by today’s natural...

20 Jan 2009 #129 march - april - 2007