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Blooming Prairie Foundation Announces 2005 Grant Awards
by Dave Gutknecht

Blooming Prairie Foundation announced in June the recipients of its 2005 grant awards. This is the first year that the foundation has awarded grants, which totaled over $250,000. The following...

05 Dec 2005 #120 September - October - 2005
Bioterrorism: A Call to Action!
by Mark MulcahyHave you read the latest news stories on food bioterrorism in the US and around the world?

Taliban fighters sneak growth hormone into milk supply. Although rGBH is banned in major dairy producing...

07 Jan 2004 #099 March - April - 2002
Bill Gessner Joins Cooperative Hall of Fame
by Dave Gutknecht

Many readers of this site will recognize Bill Gessner’s name from his many past contributions to food co-ops, both through Cooperative Grocer and directly at scores of co-ops where he has...

08 May 2012 • Endcap Articles
Bigger Is Better
by Sarah Lebherz

Some people thought we were crazy to go from a 4,000-square-foot store to an 18,000-square-foot store. It definitely took a lot of courage from all levels of our organization. We just knew we...

20 Jan 2009 #127 November - December - 2006
Beyond the Basics
by David Roang

Basics Cooperative, in Janesville, Wisconsin, started as a privately owned store in the late 1970s. It was briefly a workers’ collective, but soon became a corporation consisting of my dad, Peter...

20 Jan 2009 #125 July - August - 2006
Beyond Organic
by Barth Anderson

Organic food is still growing at a remarkable clip, especially now that this “pure product” has made the leap from food co-ops to megastores like Wal-Mart, which is infamous for driving down...

20 Jan 2009 #127 November - December - 2006
Best Practices and Balancing Acts
by Dave Gutknecht

Two articles in this edition comprise the cover theme of components and key challenges in food co-op membership systems. Through many years and hundreds of trials, our generation of food...

19 Jan 2009 #136 may - june - 2008
Berkeley: Lessons for Co-op Leaders
by Karen Zimbelman

Editor's note: I published several thousand words of my own on the decline of the Berkeley Co-op and related lessons, three years ago in Cooperative Grocer #18 & 19 (1988)....

09 Jan 2004 #038 January - February - 1992
Bellingham Co-op: Moving Down The Relocation Road
by Jim Ashby

This is the story of a relocation project with more lives than a cat. It has been near death many times and has come within a whisker of being a disaster more times than I care to remember. As I...

09 Jan 2004 #040 May - June - 1992
Becoming a Community Hub
by Paul Harton

The growth of BriarPatch Co-op (Grass Valley, Cal.), founded in 1976, has been marked by four expansions. From 1992 until May 2007, we occupied a 3,200- square-foot store. Annual sales there had...

19 Jan 2009 #132 September - October - 2007
Be the Best You Can Be—Quicker
by Nina Johnson

You know the feeling: you walk into your first meeting, you don’t know anyone, you’re not sure what to say or do, and everyone but you seems to know what’s going on. That’s...

04 Jun 2012 #160 May - June - 2012
Battleground and Opportunity
by Donald Kreis

What’s wrong with this picture? A longtime member of the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society wheels his cart to the front end of the co-op’s Lebanon, N.H., store and, to pay for his family’s...

05 Oct 2010 #150 September - October 2010
Basics and Beyond
by Karen Zimbelman

In 2009, in response to member interest and needs, the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) launched two new training programs, one geared towards co-op general managers and one geared...

08 Dec 2010 #151 November - December 2010
Balancing Employers and Employees
by Jeanie Wells

Food co-ops are known for being compassionate employers. Unlike some of our big competitors in the grocery industry who only work to maintain their organization's interests, food co-ops seem...

09 Apr 2012 #159 March - April - 2012
Balance Sheets: Getting the picture of your co-op's financial position
by Mark Goehring

This article refers to graphs not available in this online version. The complete article is available here as a pdf.

19 Jan 2009 #132 September - October - 2007
Bag It!
by Carol Spurling


There are always lots of reasons not to take a risk—even when it’s the right thing to do. The Moscow Food Co-op (Moscow, Ida.) recently took one when we launched a month-long campaign...

05 Oct 2011 #156 September - October - 2011
Bag It!
by Jesica DeHart


There are always lots of reasons not to take a risk—even when it’s the right thing to do. The Moscow Food Co-op (Moscow, Ida.) recently took one when we launched a month-long campaign...

05 Oct 2011 #156 September - October - 2011
Bad for Bees: EPA Bows to Bayer
by Dave Gutknecht

Tom Philpot at Grist,, continues to contribute excellent reporting on food and pharm corporations.

These businesses and their federal regulators regularly undermine public...

13 Dec 2010 • Endcap Articles
Background: Lake Superior
by Sharon Murphy

Duluth, Minnesota: The night before we opened our new Whole Foods Cooperative location, we hosted a Premiere Party/35th Anniversary Party for our members. When the front doors opened, the sound of...

20 Jan 2009 #123 March - April - 2006
Back on Our Feet
by Kelli Reese

Just over a year ago, Durango Natural Foods was in trouble. Our small Colorado store was 60 days past due with our primary supplier; shelves were bare, the shopping experience was unappealing, and...

19 Jan 2009 #136 may - june - 2008
Babyseat Rental Program at Hanover Co-op
by Andrea Williams

As you climb the stairs to the offices above the food store at the Hanover Co-op, you can't help but notice all the babyseats stacked to the ceiling on the adjacent ledge. People comment on them...

09 Jan 2004 #038 January - February - 1992
Awards at CCMA for Cooperative Service and Retail Excellence
by Staff

The annual award for Cooperative Service went to Amber and Nicole Sallaberry of Reno, Nev., and the Cooperative Excellence Award went to Seward Co-op in Minneapolis, Minn. Co-ops with milestone...

28 Aug 2011 #155 July - August - 2011
Avoiding Post-Expansion Burnout: The board of directors' role
by Bill Gessner

More than half of our food co-ops have engaged in planning and implementing an expansion project during the past three years. As demanding as these projects can be, the real challenge begins when...

21 Jan 2009 #120 September - October - 2005
Avoiding Post-Expansion Burnout
by Carolee Colter

You’ve been working on this project for more than two years. After overcoming every obstacle, putting up with countless delays, raising hundreds of thousands in financing, moving all your...

21 Jan 2009 #116 January - February - 2005
Atlantic Canadian Co-ops Meet Globalization, Plan Merger
by Tom WebbThirty years ago, Atlantic Canadians got their groceries from family grocery stores supplied by family owned wholesalers and the co-operative store. The co-operatives had emerged to protect people...
08 Jan 2004 #091 November - December - 2000