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Polishing Up the Box
by Kelly Wiseman

Every co-op in every community has its unique challenges, and we all choose different paths to both serve our member-owners and go toe-to-toe with the competition. Here in Bozeman, Mont., we have...

09 Dec 2013 #169 Nov-Dec 2013
Pow-wows Not Pinballs
by Allen Seidner

As a prepared foods manager almost a decade ago, it struck me that not only did I have a lot of information that I wanted to share with staff, but they also had many suggestions...

08 Jan 2004 #095 July - August - 2001
Power Triggers, Seesaw Battles and Handcar Cooperation
by Art Sherwood

Most would agree that a healthy board-general manager relationship not only makes the co-op run more smoothly, it is a critical connection between member-owners and operations in our...

25 Apr 2011 #154 May - June - 2011
Practicing Policy Governance
by Ann WaterhousePracticing Policy Governance
07 Jan 2004 #106 May - June - 2003
Practicing the Art of Uncommon Courtesy
by Dale Bramhall

Every business activity affects the customer either directly or indirectly. The first step toward improving customer service is to develop a service attitude and to turn our attention to making...

09 Jan 2004 #016 April - May - 1988
Precautions and Protections
by Thane Joyal

As cooperative directors, it's important that we know our jobs. Some parts of that job are personal to us: we bring interests, skills, and perspectives that make our contributions unique. It's our...

17 Mar 2011 #153 March - April - 2011
Precautions and Protections
by Dave Swanson

As cooperative directors, it's important that we know our jobs. Some parts of that job are personal to us: we bring interests, skills, and perspectives that make our contributions unique. It's our...

17 Mar 2011 #153 March - April - 2011
Prepared Foods: Get Positioned for Success
by Chris Ryding

What comes to mind when you think about prepared foods? The answer may depend on the status of your own retail department. What comes to mind for National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA)...

20 Jan 2009 #128 January - February - 2007
Prepared Production Possibilities
by Josh Perkins

A relative rarity not long ago, commissaries—dedicated production kitchens that supply retail sites with either shelf-ready or ready-to-heat prepared foods—have become an...

06 Feb 2014 #170 January - February 2014
Preparing for Disaster
by Carolee Colter

Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, wildfires, floods, pandemics. There was a time when the possibility of experiencing such disasters might have seemed remote. Hurricane Katrina woke us up to our...

20 Jan 2009 #128 January - February - 2007
Preparing For Expansion
by Bill GessnerLosing Market Share?

Many of today's retail food cooperatives now have a history of ten to twenty years. Meanwhile, the natural foods industry and the natural foods market that co-ops helped...

09 Jan 2004 #033 March - April - 1991
Preparing Our Future
by Dave Gutknecht

Articles on shaping our future and an annual conference with the theme “Forward!” suggest that food co-ops continue to look ahead and to plan major improvements. Expansion to more...

25 Mar 2014 #171 March-April 2014
Pricing for Results: Part 1
by Rex Stewart

Pricing is a crucial but often misunderstood aspect of retailing. Questions about pricing include the relation between margin and markup, the effect of lowering prices, how to price sale items,...

09 Jan 2004 #009 February - March - 1987
Principles and Values of Co-operative Sustainability
by Russ Christianson

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18 Jan 2009 #140 January - February - 2009
Principles of Domestic Fair Trade
by Domestic Fair Trade Working Group

In recent years, the international Fair Trade movement has gained momentum, reaching more producers, traders and consumers with its message of fairness and equity in global trade. Representing a...

29 Nov 2006 #127 November - December - 2006
Pro-consumer? An Exchange on Co-ops and the FDA
by Dave GutknechtPickford is "Disappointed" and Center for Science in the Public Interest says "Dangerous"

November 2, 1992

Editor, Cooperative Grocer:

I was...

09 Jan 2004 #044 January - February - 1993
Processing Plant Extends the Life of Local Produce
by Dean Williamson

Bozeman is home to the Community Food Co-op. It’s also home to mountains, cows, and hay fields, and for a large part of the year, winter. A long winter means a short season for growing...

09 Dec 2013 #169 Nov-Dec 2013
Produce Career: "If You're Gonna Stay, You Gotta Play"
by Mark Mulcahy

Let's see if this sounds familiar: You set a great produce stand, so beautiful people don't want to touch it.

You are loved by your customers; people come from miles around to see...

07 Jan 2004 #101 July - August - 2002
Produce Department Review
by Shade Gomez

The produce department, like any other department in a co-op, is there for the co-op's members. Serving them should be our major focus.

Starting with this...

09 Jan 2004 #064 May - June - 1996
Produce Section Time Management
by Mark MulcahyReviewing how you spend your day can reveal some simple ways to regain lost minutes or hours.

I'd like to touch on a few areas of difficulty I run into most often in produce...

08 Jan 2004 #085 November - December - 1999
Produce: Train, Train, Train
by Mark Mulcahy

What aspect of most produce departments is not given enough time or resources, yet can have the greatest impact on your crew's efficiency and positive attitude? If you guessed...

08 Jan 2004 #090 September - October - 2000
Project Management for Cooperatives
by Bill Gessner

Cooperatives undertaking special projects such as a move or major expansion should distinguish between "operations" and "project." I will make such a distinction, present a view of project...

09 Jan 2004 #046 May - June - 1993
Promoting Organizational Healing
by Ann Waterhouse

Ever heard the phrase, "Work smarter, not harder?" Ever wonder, as I have, exactly what that phrase means? T've thought about it for a while and have some thoughts I'd like to...

08 Jan 2004 #083 July - August - 1999
Promoting Pre-order Sales:
by Aspen OlmsteadThree years ago, members of the Syracuse (N.Y.) Real Food Cooperative were forced to vote on whether their retail co-op should declare bankruptcy. Today, three years later, Syracuse Real Food...
09 Jan 2004 #076 May - June - 1998
Promoting the Co-op Store
by Rex Stewart

"Do everything in your power to ensure the quality of your products and services before marketing your business," recommends the author of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad...

08 Jun 2004 #015 February - March - 1988