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Natural Food Training
by Nancy O'Connor

Twelve Community Mercantile employees gather around a big table in the co-op’s community room. We’re sharing a meal of baked tofu, steaming hot kale, three different kinds of baked winter squash,...

16 Mar 2004 #111 March - April - 2004
What’s New @ CGIN?
by Karen Zimbelman

The website owned by and operated for the benefit of food co-ops at continues to grow in scope and volume with each passing month. Thanks to the generosity of many food co-op...

27 Dec 2008 #111 March - April - 2004
Build the Crew Before You Build the Walls
by Mark Mulcahy

You're in the Expansion Zone when: Every possible inch of sales floor space is filled, and even the ceiling has hanging baskets of product. It is amazing that you can move in your back room, let...

29 Dec 2003 #110 January - February - 2004
From Corporate to Co-op
by Carolee Colter

During the 1980s and the 1990s, some natural foods co-ops attempted to acquire the skills and know-how of the conventional grocery industry by hiring grocery veterans as general managers. With...

26 Dec 2008 #110 January - February - 2004
Davis Co-op and Community Get Together for a Blood Drive
by Kate Dreher

When I think of the Davis Food Co-op, naturally some of the first things that come to mind are the delicious foods and environmentally sound products I buy there. But I also see the co-op as a...

29 Dec 2003 #110 January - February - 2004
Remodeling Plans
by Dave Gutknecht

A proposal to redefine their regional and national associations has generated intense discussion among food cooperative managers and organizational leaders. In late November, the National...

29 Dec 2003 #110 January - February - 2004
The Farmer and the Feds
by Cissy Bowman

Entering the second year of the fully implemented National Organic Program, we are beginning to see the NOP's impact on a grassroots movement gone "mainstream." Those of us whose business relies...

29 Dec 2003 #110 January - February - 2004
Misguided Power Politics Make Us Sick -- Grassroots Democracy Is the Cure
by Kathy Lawrence

We are what we eat" is certainly not a new idea, but it's still true. The food-focused holiday season is a vivid reminder to all of us that if we want wholesome, sustainable food produced on...

29 Dec 2003 #110 January - February - 2004
Creative Solutions Bring New Look to Dated Store
by Pam Mehnert
29 Dec 2003 #110 January - February - 2004
Cooperative Accountability
by Linda Stier

A recent survey sponsored by the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) and a coalition of major national cooperative associations indicated that the public has strong expectations of...

29 Dec 2003 #110 January - February - 2004
The Editor Notes
by Dave GutknechtNew tradition: thanks locally

At the farmers market or a co-op, I'm thankful for wonderful food and the hardworking producers who supply it. And when working I am gratified to be associated with...

29 Dec 2003 #110 January - February - 2004
Cooperative d'Alentour Grows, Links with Co-op Atlantic
by Louise Brunelle

Cooperative d'Alentour is a distributor located in the southern Quebec city of Sherbrooke. The cooperative was founded in 1979 by buying clubs that wanted natural foods at a reasonable price--at...

29 Dec 2003 #110 January - February - 2004
Co-op Kanagawa
by Yu Shibata

Co-op Kanagawa, the fourth-largest regional co-op in Japan, is located mainly in Kanagawa prefecture just southwest of Tokyo. Membership was 1 million in 2002 and has increased every year. With 3....

29 Dec 2003 #110 January - February - 2004
When the Weather Gets Rough, Co-ops Are Tough
by Tom Webb

The late 2000 merger of 28 community-based co-operatives in Atlantic Canada was a gutsy move to maintain a co-operative alternative in as many communities. The result was Consumers Community Co-...

29 Dec 2003 #110 January - February - 2004
Report from Cancun
by Mark Ritchie

Every two years the Ministers of Trade from all member governments in the World Trade Organization (WTO) meet for a week to negotiate changes in the rules of trade. The fifth Ministerial was held...

02 Dec 2003 #109 November - December - 2003
Minnesota Fair Trade Wild Rice
by Barth Anderson

Wedge Co-op in Minneapolis launched its new Fair Trade program in May 2003, making it one of the first domestic fair trade buying programs in the country. In an era when family and independent...

02 Dec 2003 #109 November - December - 2003
Farmer Co-ops vs. Plantations
by Rodney North

In keeping with consumer cooperatives' long tradition of supporting sustainable agriculture, family farms, and greater economic justice, U.S. co-op stores have played a central role in the growth...

02 Dec 2003 #109 November - December - 2003
Remember the Farmers
by Cissy Bowman

The next National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting will be held October 22-24, 2003 in Washington, D.C. (around the time this article is published). This time the agenda for the meeting has...

01 Dec 2003 #109 November - December - 2003
Year One of the National Organic Program, and Thoughts on Conservation
by Yancey Stanforth-Migliore

October 2003 marks the first anniversary of full implementation of the National Organic Program (NOP). At the National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture, the Organic Committee has been hard at...

02 Dec 2003 #109 November - December - 2003
First Alternative, Second Store
by StaffCG -- First Alternative
02 Dec 2003 #109 November - December - 2003
Growing Out of the "Small Deli Blues"
by Allen Seidner

Growing Out of the "Small Deli Blues"

10 Dec 2003 #109 November - December - 2003
The Editor Notes
by Dave Gutknecht

Sid Pobihushchy offered thoughtful perspectives on co-op education and values at the June 2003 food co-op conference (see the July-August CG), and his remarks have now been posted at the CGIN (...

01 Dec 2003 #109 November - December - 2003
Italy's Emilia Romagna
by David Thompson

Recent cooperative development in the northern Italian region of Emilia Romagna can be broken down into three time periods. First, the postwar era (1945-1965) of rebuilding cooperative structures...

02 Dec 2003 #109 November - December - 2003
Quincy Co-op: 25 Years, New Home
by Lucinda BerdonQuincy Co-op: 25 Years, New Home
07 Jan 2004 #108 September - October - 2003
Naturally Northwest
by Brian Schaeperkoetter

PCC Natural Markets Sprouts Urban Flagship Store

07 Jan 2004 #108 September - October - 2003