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Members Speak
by Jim Johnson

In 2001, after 21 years as a “vegetarian” food co-op, the Takoma Park-Silver Spring Food Co-op of Maryland (TPSS) faced a crisis of principles: many of its member-owners wanted it to start selling...

27 Oct 2004 #114 September - October - 2004
The Real Business of the Co-op
by Peg Nolan

What is member linkage? How do we know if we’re doing enough? Shouldn’t members be more “involved” with our co-op? These are questions that often come from boards, general managers, and staff as...

27 Oct 2004 #114 September - October - 2004
Reclaiming the True Meaning of Organic
by Mark Kastel

American agriculture has reached a fork in the road. Mainstream agriculture, veering down one path, has become highly concentrated, capital intensive, and driven by biotechnology. It offers...

26 Aug 2004 #113 July - August - 2004
Transitioning to a Restructured Organization
by Robynn Shrader

On May 4, at a special meeting of the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) membership, the membership directed management to proceed with the reorganization as detailed in the...

26 Aug 2004 #113 July - August - 2004
U.S. Worker Co-ops Unite!
by Jane Livingston

At their founding convention in late May, the United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives and Democratic Workplaces set some ambitious goals. Co-op grocery stores and co-op businesses that...

26 Aug 2004 #113 July - August - 2004
Directors’ Perspectives on the CCMA Conference
by Candace Dow

Some 100 co-ops representing over 30 states made this year’s CCMA annual conference feel like a family reunion. We talked with cooperators whom we had not seen since last year or longer. We...

26 Aug 2004 #113 July - August - 2004
The Editor Notes: Co-op Milestones
by Dave Gutknecht

The annual food co-op conference provides important opportunities for recognizing achievements and inspiring more. Milestones of service by co-ops to their communities are announced along with...

28 Mar 2006 #113 July - August - 2004
Field to Plate – Teaching taste to dietitians
by Mark Mulcahy

This time of year for many of us is a celebration of the senses, with the many in-season produce possibilities: sweet, chin-dripping peaches, fresh and rich flavored corn, aromatic melons that...

26 Aug 2004 #113 July - August - 2004
“It’s Not Really a Co-op”
by Carolee Colter

Co-op employees have high expectations of their employers. And they should. We claim to run our businesses with multiple bottom lines. Co-ops’ vision and values statements frequently include “...

27 Dec 2008 #113 July - August - 2004
Co-op Awards Given at CCMA
by Dave Gutknecht

Cooperative Service: Gail Graham

26 Aug 2004 #113 July - August - 2004
Building Democratic Culture
by Dave Gutknecht

"How will you headline your report? ‘Too Much Love in the Air’?” one manager asked me. This year’s gathering of food co-op leaders, besides having the largest attendance ever, had lots of positive...

26 Aug 2004 #113 July - August - 2004
Cooperatives Work for Organic Integrity and Funding
by Robynn Shrader

In 2004 the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) joined the National Organic Coalition to ensure that the provisions of the Organic Food Production Act of 1990 are fully implemented and...

02 Jun 2004 #112 May - June - 2004
Local Co-ops Build National Presence
by Dave Gutknecht

By late April, regional food co-op associations will decide whether to transfer their assets and primary identity to a restructured national organization. Each of more than 90 local co-ops from...

08 Jun 2004 #112 May - June - 2004
Food, From Start to Finish
by Jane Livingston

Thirty years ago, long before most supermarket chains had developed extensive private label programs in Canada, Co-op Atlantic retails sold ‘Co-op’ brand products. The national ‘Co-op’ label was—...

02 Jun 2004 #112 May - June - 2004
Tracking the Co-op’s Local Impact
by Tim BartlettIt’s a common story. My family started one of the oldest farms in our region, and up until 1988 my uncle ran a dairy business that sold its milk through a local marketing cooperative. Now there is a...
02 Jun 2004 #112 May - June - 2004
Seeking Local Organic Producers
by Cissy Bowman

As worldwide availability of organic products hits new heights, there also is a strong consumer trend toward supporting local food systems. In some areas of the country organic farmers who sell...

08 Jun 2004 #112 May - June - 2004
Creating a Culture of Food Safety
by Rosemary Fifield

When someone mentions “food poisoning,” what comes to mind for you? An hour or two of queasiness and nausea? Stomach cramps, perhaps, or, at worst, diarrhea and vomiting? That may be the case for...

08 Jun 2004 #112 May - June - 2004
Get Down, Get Ahead
by Mel Braverman

The Common Cooperative Financial Statements (CoCoFiSt) data sharing program has evolved over several years into widely used, multi-functional benchmarking, budgeting, and operational improvement...

27 May 2004 #112 May - June - 2004
Seize the Moment
by Allen Seidner

“I’m very impressed with your experience and your attitude, Yung Wannabee, and I think you’ll find yourself an easy fit as a member of our prepared foods team. I’m happy to extend you an offer at...

27 May 2004 #112 May - June - 2004
Weaver Street Finds Success in Recruiting and Retaining Latino Staff
by Helena Economo

The Treehouse bar was filling up quickly. Employees and their friends were gathering for the Weaver Street Market annual holiday party. Lively salsa rhythms alternated with hip-hop and rock and...

27 May 2004 #112 May - June - 2004
Annual Meetings
by Ellen Michel

Annual meetings: you gotta love ’em. Frequently written into the bylaws and often a legal requirement for co-ops, this event is typically recognized as the primary opportunity for member-owners to...

09 Jun 2004 #112 May - June - 2004
The Editor Notes
by Dave Gutknecht

“Under construction” assumes multiple meanings when one is immersed in a project. Construction, whether of an organization or, as in my home case, a building, leads to reviewing matters such as...

28 Mar 2006 #112 May - June - 2004
Kids Meet Natural Foods
by Uli KoesterMinnesota Co-ops Partner for Classroom Education

What do you remember from your time in elementary school? Your favorite teacher? Games on the playground? When you pull up your favorite images,...

17 Mar 2004 #111 March - April - 2004
Merger Saves Anoka Co-op, Expands Lakewinds
by Kris NelsonAbout one year ago, the president of the board of Anoka Co-op contacted Twin Cities Natural Food Co-ops looking for assistance with a struggling co-op. Although Anoka Co-op had reached its milestone...
17 Mar 2004 #111 March - April - 2004
NCGA Joins Organic Trade Association Leadership Circle, Comments on Co-op Distribution
by Robynn Shrader

The National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) proudly joins the Organic Trade Association this year as a Leadership Circle investor to the 2004 Annual Fund Campaign. This illustrates one of...

16 Mar 2004 #111 March - April - 2004