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Seven Steps to a Successful Membership Drive
by Patricia Cumbie

The success or failure of your next membership drive hinges on more than signage, brochures and the free thing you give away to every new member who joins.


09 Jan 2004 #064 May - June - 1996
Seven Steps to Re-energize Your Cooperative Culture
by Adam Schwartz

"Culture is to an organization what water is to a fish—it is the environment that exists all around us."

If I asked you to describe the culture of your food co-op in one...

03 Jun 2013 #166 May-June 2013
Seward Co-op Opens New Store in Minneapolis
by Staff

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In Minneapolis, Minn., Seward Co-op opened its new 25,600-square-foot facility Jan. 8, 2009. The $10.5 ­million project ­relocated the store seven blocks east of its...

03 Mar 2009 #141 March - April - 2009
Share the Pain, Share the Gain: Co-ops network to improve Point of Sale
by Ellen Michel

Changes to POS systems are inevitably stressful, as Liz McMann notes in her article. Anticipating such challenges, Andrea Becker, who provides technical support at Bloomingfoods in Bloomington,...

24 Apr 2008 #135 March - April - 2008
Shared Co-op Values, Multiple Stakeholders
by Dave Gutknecht

Are cooperatives ready for new challenges? They are receiving greater attention as a democratic means for addressing social and economic needs—and those needs are growing. Along with record levels...

05 Jan 2010 #146 January - February - 2010
Sharing Passions and Expertise with Startups
by Jake Schlachter

On a Monday in May, I addressed a room crowded with attentive listeners who had come to hear how to add an income-generating activity to their food co-op organizing efforts. They were 127 people...

28 Aug 2011 #155 July - August - 2011
Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge
by Stuart Reid
22 Sep 2009 #144 September - October - 2009
Sharpening Our Focus
by Dan Gillotte

Historically, Wheatsville was a co-op that hung on and survived in the Austin, Texas, market, with some years of losses mixed with some years of gains. Several years ago, we decided that we wanted...

19 Jan 2009 #131 July - August - 2007
Shopper Credit Cards and Member-Owner Benefits
by Alan Mathewson

I just read an article in Supermarket News indicating that within a year or so it will be common for shoppers at Publix or Kroger or Winn Dixie to present "cobranded" credit cards...

09 Jan 2004 #060 September - October - 1995
Should Co-op Staff Serve As Directors?
by Karen Zimbelman

The question of whether co~op employees should be allowed to serve as voting members of a board of directors is one that many food co-ops give serious consideration to and wrestle with. For co-ops...

09 Jan 2004 #017 June - July - 1988
Should Co-op Staff Serve As Directors?
by Karen Zimbelman

Mary manages the co-op's produce department by day. Then, on a regular basis she joins other co-op board members to meet and review management's reports and recommendations. Mary...

09 Jan 2004 #044 January - February - 1993
Should Food Retailers Promote Community Supported Agriculture?
by Joan Tobin

Spring has arrived, and with it the promise of a new growing season replete with fresh, local, and organic fruits and vegetables. In Michigan, we’ve had a long winter diet of root vegetables and...

20 Jan 2009 #130 May - June - 2007
Should Your Store Be Planning On Scanning?
by P.J. Hoffman

P0S scanning is only one component of a possible fully "computerized co-op." Paul Cultrera does a fine job describing a more complete system as envisioned at the Cape Ann Food Co-...

09 Jan 2004 #052 May - June - 1994
Sign-Making Solutions: A Review
by Lisa Smith

Have you ever tried to sell a product without a sign? If you have, you know how important signage is to grocery sales. With upwards of 70 percent of all purchases being unplanned, good signage on...

17 Nov 2011 #157 November - December - 2011
Signs Sell:
by Phil Ricord

Once again an old adage holds true: "signs sell." Studies show that well-signed displays can increase sales by up to 400 percent! Signs can do a whole lot more: they can inform, direct, and...

09 Jan 2004 #016 April - May - 1988
Small Co-op Realizes Larger Vision
by Tim Bartlett

Eight years ago, the Lexington Co-op (Buffalo, N.Y.) was a hole in the wall doing $800,000 out of 1,200 square feet of well-worn retail space. Our equipment was ready to be replaced, our floor was...

20 Jan 2009 #122 January - February - 2006
Small Co-op, Big Leap!
by Bob Copeland

After 28 years in the same location, Bluff Country Co-op's members made a large leap. The results: a beautiful new store and renewed belief in how a small co-op can do big things...

08 Jan 2004 #094 May - June - 2001
Small Farms Create More Jobs
by Dave Gutknecht

Gene Logsdon is a wise and delightful writer on food and farming. Author of “The Contrary Farmer” essay collection, he also maintains a website under that name:

14 Sep 2011 • Endcap Articles
Small Town Success from Building Membership
by Mel Braverman

The small community of Barneveld, Wisconsin (population 1,100), opened its grocery cooperative, Harvest Market Cooperative, on July 10, 2004 and had its grand opening on July 24. The store has a...

27 Oct 2004 #114 September - October - 2004
Small Town, New Building
by Jerry McGeorge

Viroqua is an agricultural community with a population of 4,300, set in the unique landscape of southwestern Wisconsin. The glaciers that carved out the Great Lakes missed this region, leaving...

21 Jan 2009 #118 May - June - 2005
Smile, Please, You're in Front of a Customer
by Bruce Palma

About a year ago, our major competitor held a focus group with some of its customers. We learned from several participants—longtime members of our co-op—that many people in the group told the...

04 Jun 2010 #148 May - June - 2010
So Many Co-ops, So Little Time
by Adam Schwartz

Whenever I am having a conversation with friends discussing the problems our society is facing, invariably one of them will say something like, “Adam, you think there is co-op solution for...

19 Nov 2014 #174 September-October 2014
Social Capital and Membership
by Dave Gutknecht

Social capital, as distinct from private capital, is a philosophical foundation of cooperatives and a kind of ultimate realization of our efforts. Social capital is what is owned...

20 Mar 2005 #068 January - February - 1997
Social Justice and New Food Co-ops
by Dave Gutknecht

Jobs and access to food are urgent needs in many communities. Two new and thought-provoking articles examine how social justice organizations are taking innovative paths to new co-op formation,...

18 Aug 2011 • Endcap Articles
Social Justice in Agriculture Forum
by Robynn Shrader

I recently had an opportunity to represent food co-ops at a forum for Social Justice in Agriculture, along with representatives from organizations representing farm workers, fair-trade initiatives...

21 Jan 2009 #116 January - February - 2005