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New Principle Six Video

A new, short video has just been released that explains the P6 or Principle Six movement, which takes its name from the 6th cooperative principle of "cooperation among cooperatives."...

14 Jan 2015 • Endcap Articles
Ann Hoyt to Enter 2015 Co-op Hall of Fame

This spring, food co-ops are urged to honor one of their outstanding trainers and leaders, Ann Hoyt, while supporting co-op development through the Cooperative Hall of Fame.  The Hall honors...

04 Feb 2015 • Endcap Articles
Jacqueline Hannah Joins Food Co-op Initiative
by Dan Nordley

Jacqueline Hannah, previously general manager of the Common Ground Food Co-op in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, brings her co-op expertise and passion to Food Co-op Initiative where she will share it...

19 Feb 2015 • Endcap Articles
Sustainable Food Trade Association Improves Food Chain Practices

The Sustainable Food Trade Association ( continues its work to advance sustainability and transparency in the organic food industry.  At its February 2015...

01 Apr 2015 • Endcap Articles
More Co-ops Up and Running!

A nationwide wave of new food co-ops continues, supported by Food Co-op Initiative, National Co-op Grocers, CDS Consulting Co-op, and other allies and given focus by the annual Up & Coming, Up...

05 Apr 2015 • Endcap Articles
The Cooperative Model and the Sea

Are not the oceans part of the commons? Survival of both fishes and humans is at stake in managing the harvest from the sea, and cooperatives can support that end. Here is a discussion of some of...

23 Apr 2015 • Endcap Articles
Questions Remain on Proposed Organic Check-off

The Organic Trade Association and its GRO Organic Core Committee have formally petitioned the USDA for a research and promotion check-off for organic.  Find OTA’s report at https://ota....

14 May 2015 • Endcap Articles
Editor notes
by Dave Gutknecht

Food co-ops today operate with both increased competition and increased collaboration. During previous decades, these co-ops thrived on growing demand for natural/organic products, while...

10 May 2015 #177 March-April 2015
P6 The Cooperative Advantage
by Aaron Reser

Food co-ops have a unique story to tell. As corporate and privately owned natural foods chains jump into the niche that co-ops created, co-ops need to celebrate our history and grandstand the...

10 May 2015 #177 March-April 2015
Apply Today: Get your NCG DC loan!
by Dave Blackburn

Last fall, National Co+op Grocers (NCG) officially launched, through its Development Co+operative, the NCG DC Loan Fund. The Loan Fund is a $10 million program, composed of $2 million...

18 May 2015 #177 March-April 2015
Strategic Pricing: Why and how
by Mel Braverman

Almost every cooperative retail grocery is feeling increased competition in its community. Twenty years ago, merely having featured products consistently available was enough for co-ops...

18 May 2015 #177 March-April 2015
Strategic Pricing: Why and how
by Jeanie Wells

Almost every cooperative retail grocery is feeling increased competition in its community. Twenty years ago, merely having featured products consistently available was enough for co-ops...

18 May 2015 #177 March-April 2015
Building a Strong Top Leadership Team:
by Michael Healy

In many co-ops, the manager and board of directors function effectively as a leadership team. Along with having systems and structures in place that support and encourage healthy...

18 May 2015 #177 March-April 2015
Domestic Fair Trade Rising:
by Colette Cosner

Wendell Berry once wrote that the definition of community is “the mental and spiritual condition of knowing that the place is shared, and that the people who share the place...

18 May 2015 #177 March-April 2015
Catching the Wave
by Stuart Reid

Ten years ago, something shifted. New food co-ops, most stemming from the 1970s, had been rare since the 1980s recession, and many—probably at least two-thirds—of these new...

18 May 2015 #177 March-April 2015
The Coming Wave
by Carolee Colter

As we all know, the baby boom generation is hitting retirement age. Roughly a quarter of the U.S. population was born between 1946 and 1964, and every month a quarter million more are turning 65....

13 Feb 2015 #176 January-February 2015
Growth Stories and Quandaries
by Dave Gutknecht

At the heart of our cooperatives is growth of services through communities of owners, employees, suppliers, and allies. Well-run stores, guided by an articulated purpose based in shared ownership...

12 Feb 2015 #176 January-February 2015
New Name, New Look: National Co+op Grocers
by National Co+op Grocers

Since its formation in 1999, National Cooperative Grocers Association has been working on behalf of its member and associate food co-ops to strengthen purchasing power, optimize operational and...

12 Feb 2015 #176 January-February 2015
Telling the Co-op Story
by Patricia Cumbie

Stories are as old as humankind.  If we didn’t have stories, we wouldn’t have progress or evolution.  It’s how people communicate, organize, and instruct.  Nor...

12 Feb 2015 #176 January-February 2015
Ever'man Enjoys Expanded Enterprise
by Lauren Southern-Goodwin

In early April of 2014, Ever’man Natural Foods Co-op, Inc. (Ever’man) proudly opened the doors on its newly expanded store in downtown Pensacola, Florida.  The store debuted a...

12 Feb 2015 #176 January-February 2015
A Tool That Works: Revisiting 4 in 3
by Stuart Reid

Food co-ops in the U.S. have a long history of growth and decline. When you look at a graph of their numbers in the 20th Century, it resembles a series of waves. [i]



12 Feb 2015 #176 January-February 2015
The Merger of Two Co-ops
by Michelle Schry

On January 2, 2012, People’s Food Co-op in La Crosse, Wisconsin, merged with the Good Food Store Co-op in Rochester, Minnesota.  That connection created a single co-op, known as People...

12 Feb 2015 #176 January-February 2015
Cooperatives and Democratic Challenges
by Dave Gutknecht

In October, the world witnessed the International Climate Summit in New York City, sponsored by the United Nations, and an International Summit of Cooperatives in Quebec, sponsored by the...

24 Dec 2014 #175 November-December 2014
Cooperatives in Cuba
by Stuart Reid

Introduction In January of this year, NCBA CLUSA and SOL2 Economics jointly assembled a working group of U.S. cooperators to research and learn from the co-op movement in Cuba today. The Cuban...

25 Dec 2014 #175 November-December 2014
Co+op Forest 2014
by Allie Mentzer

The holiday season can be a hectic time of year at the co-op and at home. It’s the perfect time to take a short mental vacation to the remote, tropical Peruvian rainforest, and learn about...

24 Dec 2014 #175 November-December 2014