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The purpose of this group is to facilitate discussion and exchange of ideas and information about co-op membership and marketing at food co-ops in order to improve the results of that work. Group members are membership and marketing managers and staff who are paid employees of CGN members. This is a members-only group. See more in terms of use.

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Printer suggestions

Hi all,

My poor Xerox printer is nearing the end of its lifespan, and I'd like to find a good desktop office printer to replace it. I print a lot of in-store signage so something that could accommodate a fairly high volume of good quality prints would be fantastic. We will also need to laminate printed sheets and print on 8.5x14 as well. If it could fit 11x17 paper, that would be an extra bonus!

Before I leap into the black hole of online reviews, I was hoping that some of my wonderful peers would have a good suggestion.


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