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Home delivery

I was wondering if any co-ops that post on cgn have any experience with a home delivery service.  It's a dream of ours, but we don't even really know where to start!  

I'm most curious about what would go in to creating an ordering interface and potential staffing requirements once such a system is in place. 

A large bike courier collective has expressed interest in delivering for us, we just need to figure out pretty much everything else about this undertaking.

Any advice?  

Thanks in advance! :)


Software application tool to track member loans?

(I'm not sure if this post belongs being posted to another discussion group, so please advise if you think so)
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Setting up accounts receivable

As we grow, we're starting to get more business buying from us. Still pretty small at this point (apples for their staff, lunches, etc), but I want to start setting up our accounts receivable right. We currently assign a business account in CoPOS, then allow them to charge on an IOU account. We don't have any standard terms or contracts, but I'd like to get something in writing. Can anyone share how your AR is set up? And any advice for starting out?