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Discussion Co-op Movie Premiere Sarah Christensen CGN General Group Aug 30, 2013
Discussion Change to benefits of ownership Ally Young 2 CGN Membership & Marketing Group Apr 29, 2014
Discussion CCMA 2014 meet up? Dan Nordley 4 CGN Membership & Marketing Group Jun 11, 2014
Discussion OSHA HAZCOM/GHS TRAINING - DEC. 2013 Tierney Beck 1 CGN Human Resources (HR) Group Oct 16, 2013
Discussion Custom Deli Coats Shannon Szymkowiak CGN Membership & Marketing Group Dec 20, 2013
Discussion Paying for Lunch Vicki Baty 4 CGN Human Resources (HR) Group Feb 17, 2014
Discussion B1 Reconsidered Marc BrownGold 8 CGIN Internal Board of Directors Group Apr 30, 2014
Discussion Preferred Pronoun in Hiring Michelle Weber 2 CGN Human Resources (HR) Group Jun 13, 2014
Discussion Welcome all New and existing HR listserve members Deb Reiling 1 CGN Human Resources (HR) Group Jul 09, 2013
Discussion HR: Staff Ratio Wendy Walter CGN Human Resources (HR) Group Feb 26, 2014
Discussion CGN Update CGN Web Admin CGN Human Resources (HR) Group Mar 10, 2014
Discussion Rental Room (policies to govern facility in a food co-op) Doug Walter 2 CGN General Group Oct 29, 2013
Discussion Member Code of Conduct Alexis Alexander CGN Membership & Marketing Group Jan 13, 2014
Discussion Cashier interview questions Deb Reiling 1 CGN Human Resources (HR) Group Mar 06, 2014
Discussion Job Opening at Food Co-op Initiative Stuart Reid CGN General Group Jul 16, 2014
Discussion Sampling Program Mindy Taylor CGN General Group Apr 17, 2014
Discussion Using store music to attract shoppers under 33 1/3 years old Doug Walter 13 CGN Membership & Marketing Group Dec 09, 2013
Discussion Cafe Staff Organization Diana LaPier 3 CGN Human Resources (HR) Group Jun 25, 2014
Discussion Managing Performance Deb Reiling CGN Human Resources (HR) Group May 30, 2014
Discussion Receiving Access Jason Maring 1 CGN Operations Jan 12, 2014
Discussion CCMA Keynote on Saturday David Woo 8 CGN Food Co-op Board of Directors Jun 30, 2014
Discussion Investment, Cash Reserves, and Mission Based Loan Policies Ryan Rose CGN Operations Jan 27, 2014
Discussion Help! Need two rooms for CCMA! Annie Hoy CGN General Group Feb 28, 2014
Discussion Olde Tyme Nut Butter Grinder Ellen Anthony CGN Operations Jan 22, 2014
Discussion Who deserves a Cooperative Excellence award? Ellen Quinn CGN General Group Feb 24, 2014
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