CGiN Board WebEx meeting: Thursday, January 16, 3:00 Central

Hello CGiN Directors!

Here is the packet for the upcoming WebEx meeting this Thurs., Jan. 16 at 3:00 Central till 4:00, then Executive Session form 4:00 to 4:30.

Be on the look out for a WebEx invite from Ben or me.  Or check back here. 

Board packet material is attached and also in our Dropbox folder.

The packet contains Agenda, Operations, B3 monitoring report, Account Manager communication, and Regular Executive Session Proposal, Dec. minutes, and Organization Calendar.

The Winter edition of the LEADer is attached separately - (it's protected), but you may also want to check it out in the Library in the LEAD section at:

Also referenced in the packet is a draft of the Middle of Change discussion.  You can also find that on the site at:

Looking forward to talking with you!