Rental Room (policies to govern facility in a food co-op)

Hi folks. A thread started on the listserv that I wanted to capture here. 

Where can I find or does anybody have a rental contract for hiring out a co-op community space?
We are starting to host yoga and art classes as well as rent out the space for holiday parties so looking for a contract that covers insurance, deposits etc
Thanks for your time!
Finance Coordinator
The Great Basin Community Food Co-op

The responses included the following link to a policy from Mead Stone (General Manager, River Market):
The Davis Food Co-op wouldn't rent out our in-store space for holiday parties of yoga/art classes. If I find that there's a useful contract/policy for the Teaching Kitchen across the street, I'll post it here. For fun (this is NOT what Jolene was asking for!), here's a link to our page for people who are interested in booking the Teaching Kitchen for dinner parties for 8 to 12 adults: