Experience with Cooperative Model Grievance Procedure

Greetings HR group,

An HR manager just asked me if I knew which co-ops had implemented the Cooperative Model Grievance Procedure posted in the CBLD Library, and what their experience had been in using it. The fact is that I don't know who has downloaded it, let alone who has actually gone through a grievance filed using this procedure. From what I've observed, formal grievances are rare (at least outside of grievances covered by a union contract), and that makes it hard to draw any conclusions about how well the procedures work. Any information I could glean would go toward improving the Model Cooperative Grievance Procedure.

(Side note: The Cooperative Model Grievance Procedure was developed by a team in 2010 including 2 HR managers, a GM, a board president and me. We decided on criteria for a good grievance procedure. We studied a lot of different grievance procedures. And we created a model with 4 different options, supported by various documents and policies.)

If your co-op has adopted the Cooperative Model Grievance Procedure, and then had experience using it, would you be willing to share what worked well about it and what could be improved? I'm not asking for specifics. I'm only asking for very generally what the grievance was about and then the benefits and problems with using the procedure. If you would rather contact me off list, that's OK. I still want to hear from you.