A coop by any other name..

I thought you'd enjoy this email I got this morning from one of those SEO scammers looking to collect links... bawk! bawk!


Hey Dan,

I found Cooperative Grocer Network by searching for related pet industry websites and noticed that we’d never heard of you before, even though it is impressive.

We have already given you a link from our Page Rank 3 website, so please let us know if the page we placed it on is the most relevant for your business or if the description could be better: www. truepat.com/chicken-links/

A website that really could be helpful to your visitors is Coops And Cages™ – if you would like to repay the favour we are providing to you, here is the HTML code for you to use, to link to them: <a href=”www.  coopsandcages. com.au/chickens/chicken-coops/”>get the best chicken coup</a> and I found that your resources page would be a suitable location that doesn't hinder your visitors: www. cooperativegrocer.coop/articles/2009-01-19/co-op-partners-warehouse.

I know that you are extremely busy and get millions of emails a day but hopefully this one was helpful to you and your visitors. I just wanted to help you out for once as Cooperative Grocer Network is definitely going to help our visitors.
All the best,

Jasamine Wood