Hello, cooperators!

Welcome to the CGN Public Discussion Group (formerly the CGIN basic listserve). Use the menu on the right to create discussions, view group members and read the terms of use.

As an added function, group members can attach photos and documents to a discussion or comment. Eventually, as resources are culled and curated, they will reside in the Group Resources area in the menu and also be uploaded to the Library.  

Please use good etiquette and report any inappropriate behavior to [email protected].

Just a reminder that this is a public group and non-CGN members are allowed to participate, just like the CGIN basic listserve. We encourage members not to share sensitive or proprietary materials/subjects due to the public nature of this group. If you must do so, find the person directly and send a private message. (Go to the "View Members" area of the menu and click on the person's profile to send a private message, or go to the Directory and then to Co-op People to find who you are seeking.)

Have a great time in the group!
CGN web team