Jersey City Food Co-Operative

The Jersey City Food Co-Operative is founded on the belief that we all deserve access to good food. That’s why we’re working to make wholesome, delicious food available and affordable for all of Jersey City’s families.

The Jersey City Food Co-Operative is a member-owned and operated food store — an alternative to commercial profit-oriented business. As members, we contribute our labor: working together builds trust through cooperation and teamwork and enables us to keep prices as low as possible within the context of our values and principles. Only members may shop, and we share responsibilities and benefits equally. Our members are active participants in the operation of the JCFC.

We strive to be a responsible and ethical community member. We are a buying agent for our members and not a selling agent for any industry. We are a part of and support the cooperative movement. We offer a diversity of products with an emphasis on organic, minimally processed and healthful foods. We seek to avoid products that depend on the exploitation of others. We support non-toxic, sustainable agriculture.
We’re building a network of residents, local businesses, and producers of ethically grown and produced goods across our area to build a better, healthier Jersey City. As we grow, our policies and products will always reflect our dedication to environmental stewardship, volunteerism and local reinvestment. Because strong communities begin with healthy food.