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Wellness Manager Sunday, April 23

We are looking for motivated and talented leaders who are passionate about natural, organic, and local food to join the co-op’s leadership team. We’re currently hiring for a grocery department manager. Our ideal candidates are those who thrive in a fast-paced and cooperative work environment, provide consistently outstanding customer service, and have a strong desire to provide for the communities that we serve.

Facilities Manager Saturday, April 22


Facilities Department, Belfast Cooperative  

FLSA STATUS/PAY LEVEL: Nonexempt/4 REPORTS TO: Operations Manager

Deli Manager Friday, April 21

New Leaf Market Co-op, in Tallahasse, Florida, is seeking a deli manager. The successful candidate will have 3+ years of food production and supervisory experience, as well as a proven track record of increasing sales, managing margin and food cost controls.

Tallahassee is located in the Big Bend of Florida and is home to two universities, is the seat of the state government, and is known for it's canopy roads and cold fresh water springs and rivers.

Marketing Manager Wednesday, April 19

The Moscow Food Co-op seeks a Marketing Manager to maintain and oversee the marketing department, including community engagement, public relations, participation, and owner services; cultivate the Co-op’s identity and presence in the surrounding communities through brand management; promote ownership and owner satisfaction; and advance the Co-op’s purpose, mission, and strategic plan through enhanced education and outreach, relationship building, and communication.  Assists the General Manager in meeting strategic goals and ends policies set by the Board of Directors.

Persistence Pays Off for New Co-op Thursday, April 13

SPOKANE — The atmosphere is busy but light on a recent March morning at the new LINC Foods warehouse in north Spokane.

Delivery truck driver Kyle Merritt gathers produce for an order inside the walk-in cooler.

Founder Beth Robinette puts beef cuts from her family ranch in gift boxes for customers.

Medical Lake, Wash., farmer Dan Sproule chats with Robinette and Merritt as he drops off beets and pea shoots, among other items.

General Manager Tuesday, April 11

Eastside Food Cooperative is seeking a motivated, community-oriented leader to serve as our General Manager. Eastside Food Co-op opened its doors in 2003, after an eight-year grass-roots effort to bring natural foods to this former food desert. Throughout its 20-year history, Eastside has prioritized its connection to the diverse, engaged and artistic Northeast Minneapolis community. We strive to create a diverse and equitable workplace, while supporting local farmers and producers, serving our community and building the local economy.

Sustainability Coordinator Thursday, April 13

Join the North Coast Co-Op Team!

Facilities Manager Tuesday, April 11

Join the North Coast Co-Op Team!

General Manager Thursday, April 6

Newark Natural Foods Co-op is seeking an engaging visionary General Manager to lead our community-owned food cooperative and café into the future in an increasingly competitive environment. Having deep roots in our community, we incorporated in 1975 to provide local, healthy foods to our members and have since grown to a 10,000 square foot grocery store, 2,500 square foot café, and 6,000 square foot community space that has over 4,000 active member-owners, 65 employees, and $7.8M in annual revenue.


General Manager Thursday, April 6

The Boise Co-op is seeking an engaging visionary General Manager to lead our community-owned food cooperative into the future in an increasingly competitive environment. Founded in 1973 by health-conscious individuals, we have grown from one culturally iconic store to two locations in the Treasure Valley of SW Idaho with over 27,000 Co-Owners, 230 employees, and $35M in annual revenue. 

As More Mainers Covet Local Food, a Longtime Seed Seller Grows Thursday, April 6

CLINTON, Maine — Magic Molly is a vibrantly blue fingerling potato, beloved among farmers and gardeners around these parts for its taste, vigor, hardiness in northern climes and irresistible color.

Understanding the Meaning of "Speaking With One Voice” Tuesday, April 4

Boards of directors regularly struggle with the concept of “speaking with one voice”— primarily because the concept has a dual meaning. Within the context of Policy Governance, which many food co-op boards use, the principle of board holism is sometimes described as “speaking with one voice.” However, the same term is also used to describe or prescribe how a board should express itself publicly. This article will explore the dual meanings of this concept and aims to help boards make their own best decisions about what they want their “one voice” to sound like.

Five Steps for Handling Co-op Conflicts Tuesday, April 4

In my time as general manager at Lexington Co-op (Buffalo, N.Y.), I have made many decisions that have made owners angry. We moved the co-op in 2005 in the face of opposition from the neighborhood organization and a neighbor’s lawsuit. The local alternative-weekly compared my leadership to that of Josef Goebbels. In 2006, we refused to drop a bread that was made by a religious group, the Twelve Tribes (that time, the alt-weekly ran the headline, “Hate Bread at the Co-op”). We ended member-work in 2007 with a letter and two weeks’ warning—not good.

Grocery and Wellness Retail Specialist Monday, April 3

Grocery and Wellness managers: Do you have a passion for natural, organic, and sustainable food? Are you skilled at merchandising, category management, sales promotions, operations, and retail execution? How would you like to get paid to travel and provide retail support and development to independent, community-owned businesses?

Meat Managers Share Advice on Competing with the Big Boys Monday, April 3

A decade ago, it was still a challenge for consumers to find high quality, locally raised meats. Nowadays, there is no shortage of choices. Everyone from the mom-and-pop grocer to the big-box retailer offers some kind of deal on meat—even the gas station! Competitors of all stripes have learned how to capitalize on trends such as fresh, sustainable, organic, local, and no hormones/antibiotics.

Conflicting and Conflicted Voices Monday, April 3

Only to the degree that people are unsettled is there any hope for them. 

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Cooperatives may not quite be a microcosm of the larger political circus, but they do require leadership that engages in difficult conversations and tries to handle conflict constructively. Meeting such challenges is essential to democratic practice and inclusive solutions.

Unique Food Co-op Turns UD Students into Farmers Monday, April 3

For most University of Delaware students, Monday dinner means dining hall pizza, or a hurried bowl of cereal while studying.

But for a select group, Monday meals often consist of roasted root vegetables and homemade hummus — food they not only cooked, but also helped plant, grow and harvest.

The Future of Domestic Fair Trade Thursday, April 6

Communication across cities, states, and countries is easier than ever. Laptops, conference-call services, and video chatting have made it possible for international organizations such as the Domestic Fair Trade Association (DFTA) to build a strong coalition of over 30 farmworker groups, farmer organizations, retailers, manufacturers, processors, distributors, and non-government organizations in the United States and Canada. Still, no matter how hard we try, new technology can never replace the benefits of meeting face to face.  

Erika A. Inwald Monday, April 3

Erika A. Inwald is from Brooklyn, New York. She has worked with food service and hotel workers in four different locals in the UNITE HERE labor union. Erika was a 21st Class Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellow with the Congressional Hunger Center.

Eastside Expansion Sunday, April 2

Eastside Food Co-op opened its doors to the community of Northeast Minneapolis in December 2003, with first-year sales of $2 million. Eastside’s early years proved to be quite challenging, and the debt load was heavy. Through perseverance and much hard work, the co-op, led by Amy Fields, the general manager during its first 13 years, was able to grow sales and net earnings. By 2012, Eastside was planning for expansion, and the co-op’s strong growth has continued throughout that process.